The one-semester course is divided into two sections. Classes are taught by between two and four teachers and are designed to be as interactive as possible.

In the first section, we introduce students to the basic vocabulary of business and help them build one or more fictional companies from the ground up, working together from the initial product or service idea to a complete business plan.

We guide students through marketing, financing and other crucial components, all the way up to the different divisions of a typical multinational corporation and the roles of the executives who steer them. The section culminates in a role-play session where the students, under nominated roles (CEO, CFO etc), have to respond to a business challenge for their company set by their tutor.

The second section of the curriculum focuses on career preparation. We give students valuable tools and tips on how to write a resume and ace a job interview. And we help them brainstorm potential jobs and career paths that tap their interests and skills.

Typically, the final class is a gameshow-type activity that goes over the whole semester in a fun and interactive way.

We equip our volunteer teachers with curriculum outlines for each class. Outlines serve as a guide, and volunteers are free to interpret the content as appropriate for their particular class.