About Us

Our Mission

Tomorrow's Business Leaders (TBL) exposes public high school students to the basic business and entrepreneurial skills for building successful careers. Driven young professionals from top firms who bring practical knowledge and experience straight into the classroom. Students gain real-world perspectives and direct access to inspiring role models. 

Our Story

We started as a community initiative among a few friends......in consulting firms. Our founders created TBL after recognizing a gap: New York public high school students with potential often do not live or learn in environments conducive to learning about business and professional career development. At the same time, there were plenty of successful business professionals throughout the city who were likely willing and able to provide that exposure and share their practical experiences.

With every class, Tomorrow's Business Leaders strives to close that gap. What's our value-add? Students get to interact with young role models who know exactly what it takes to be successful in school and in the workplace -- and who can bring that practical knowledge right into the classroom in a fun and engaging way.

As the word as spread and our volunteer base has grown, we've managed to keep a high level of quality. Volunteers are selected from a diverse array of industries and have come from top firms such as J.P. Morgan, Citi, McKinsey, Google, etc.

Our Partner Schools

TBL has worked with several public high schools across Manhattan including The Beacon School, Eleanor Roosevelt, High School for the Humanities, Manhattan Village Academy, School of the Future, Washington Irving, MLK High School, W!se Institute at High School of Economics & Finance and the Weill Institute.