Ground Team


TBL exists because of the passion of our volunteers. Our governance structure allows our volunteers to contribute to the success of our organization in various ways, including through leadership roles. TBL is led by our Management Team and overseen by our Board of Directors.


Management Team

Farnaaz Khan

Farnaaz serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. She previously worked as a Programme Officer at the Center for Dialogue and Reconciliation (CDR), which is funded by organizations such as the European Union and the British High Commission. Her experiences serving communities at a grass-root level honed her skills and furthered her passion to give back to society, which she channels through her contributions in TBL. She received a Master's Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution and also holds a Bachelors Degree in Politics from Delhi University.

Saad Rehman

Saad has been involved with TBL since it began in 2004 and serves as Chairman of the Board. Being a part of this dynamic organization that continues to have such a valuable impact to the community has been one of his most fulfilling experiences. Saad received his BSBA in Finance and International Business from Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and is now an Executive Director at a major financial institution.

Amy Ukena

Amy has been involved with TBL since 2006, and serves as the Director of Curriculum Development.  Amy joined TBL to combine her passion for volunteering with her experience in the business world.  Amy attended Bucknell University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering.  Amy is Vice President in the Healthcare Credit Risk Management team at a major financial institution's Investment Bank in New York City. She has been with the institution for 8+ years, primarily in roles within Investment Banking Risk Management.   


Jose Santos

Jose has been involved with TBL since 2009 and is the School Lead at The High School of Economics and Finance, located in the NYC Financial District.  He, his wife and children and are all products of the NYC School system and truly embrace the message / vision TBL believes in.  He’s often said “…Wish we had TBL when I went to school.  The message they deliver will help young folks when they enter the workforce…”.  He attended Pace University and now is Technology Service Delivery Manager at a major financial institution.    

Sharifa Dunn

Sharifa has been involved with TBL since 2011 and is the school lead for The School of the Future. She has volunteered as a teacher at the Manhattan Business Academy and the W!se Program at the High School for Economics and Finance.  For her day-to-day work, Sharifa currently works within a major financial institution's Global Corporate Bank.  Sharifa graduated from Rutgers Business School in 2010 with a degree in Finance.  While in college, she served as Program Director for a New Jersey-based microfinance firm, assisting entrepreneurs in building their own businesses.  Sharifa, a native of New Jersey, is passionate about finding a way to use her degree to bring about real change in her community.  

Canute Forbes

Canute has been involved with TBL since 2012 and serves as Director of Finance and Legal Affairs. Canute’s dedication and commitment to TBL is both a manifestation of his passion for public service and an opportunity to demonstrate the kind of impact he wishes to have on society’s future leaders. Canute received his B.S. in Accounting and B.A. in Economics from The Pennsylvania State University and is now a Commercial Banking Analyst at a major financial institution. 


Tiara Meriwhether

Tiara has volunteered with TBL since 2012 and serves as both Director of Program Management and a School Manager.  Believing firmly that education is pivotal to success, she wants to equip all students with opportunities preparing them to excel.  Her commitment to TBL stems from her own experience in the public school system as well as from her eagerness to uplift students and encourage equality beyond social and economic boundaries.  Tiara graduated from Duke University and works in Fixed Income Trading at a major financial institution.

Alexandra Voss

Alexandra has been involved with TBL since 2013 and serves as Chief Marketing Officer. As a product of public schools, Alexandra joined TBL to address the sense of apathy and lack of belief in the possibility of an improved future that she saw among many of her high school classmates. Alexandra received her B.A in Economics from Barnard College, Columbia University and is now a Portfolio Analyst at a major financial institution. 

Lloyd  Blashka

Lloyd has been involved with TBL since late 2013 and serves as Director of Volunteer Engagement and Marketing. Lloyd has volunteered as a teacher at the Martin Luther King Jr. Educational Campus and the W!se Program at the High School for Economics and Finance. Lloyd joined TBL to combine his passion for teaching and education with his professional experience in the business world. Lloyd graduated from Washington University in St. Louis and works in the private equity division of a privately-held financial institution.  


Board of Directors and Advisory Council


Saad Rehman: Chairman of the Board

Christine Feng

Elias Korosis

James Cosgrove

Jolly Zhou

Kristin Meyer

Lee Bremer

Richard Wegener

Rob Susman

Stephanie Ng

Tina Shah