Here are what our volunteer teachers say about us:

"I've grown both personally and professionally through teaching these business and career preparation courses. Not only do I have the chance to further develop by strengths as a teacher and public speaker, but I truly feel that we are reaching out to students and getting through to them."

"It's always exciting to have students come up to you after class and briefly mention how interesting they found the topic or ask for our contact information should they have questions about the topic in the future."

“Teaching with TBL is both very rewarding, and really fun. It is really invigorating to discuss economic and business concepts with engaged kids.”

"My job is rewarding, but it's hard to find a single hour that produces this effect every other week. Plus, after having been in front of a set of 17-year olds and having managed to grab their attention and generate momentum, week after week, walking into any business meeting and taking control of the room feels like a breeze."

From one of our schools’ classroom teachers:

"I am really excited about having you guys in every week. After you left today my kids told me they really liked having you in. This was after the initial obvious question, ‘How much they make mister?’  But still, everyone was really impressed by your presence. It’s good for them to have positive role models to look up to, especially from the business world."